Home automation dubai uae

I recently moved to our new house that we bought 6 months ago but it was under renovation. Since it is new one, we decided to try a completely new thing. Namely home automation dubai uae. What is this you may ask? We didn’t even know ourselves before but once we found out, we couldn’t imagine not having it. Basically we found this company eLiving.ae, who is selling as they say in their words “leading suppliers of Luxury & Unique Touch Light Switches, Sockets and LED Lights in UAE”. The options are basically endless and we had a lot to choose from.

Home automation dubai uae seems to me like a growing field and since we would like to have a nice up-to date house, we wanted to get the touch sensitive light switches sockets and LED lights. Home automation dubai uae doesn’t just include the touch sensitive parts but they can also be remote controlled. This is my favorite part because now I can turn the lights on just via a mobile phone app. I can be in different rooms or out of the house even. This is especially useful when we will be away overnight so we can turn on the lights and burglars will assume someone is home and won’t do us any harm. At least that’s what we hope!

We haven’t installed these switches and sockets yet but as I understood, it is simple enough for anyone to do. We do have an electrician coming in to install all the things related to the home automation dubai uae just to be on the safe side. But I guess if you want to try it, it is easy to do it yourself too! I can’t wait until I can just turn on the lights by my phone, it’s like living in a futuristic reality.